The C.G. GodFrog Good Vibes Award

The Oldest Trophy in Formation Skydiving

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The oldest trophy in formation skydiving, the Godfrog is presented each year at the National Championships to the 10-way speed team that demonstrates the best sportsmanship and "good vibes". The winning team is responsible for choosing its successor at the following Nationals.

The trophy was created by Pat Works in 1972.

What the hell is it?

C.G. Godfrog Good Vibes Trophy

1972 Cripple Turtles
1973 Kansas Homegrown/Humbolt Hummers
1976 Spaced Rangers Gas Co.
1977 The Herd
1978 The Herd
1979 The Herd
1980 Coonasses
1981 The Other Plane Ol' People Folks
1982 Ripped Grissle Thanksgiving
1983 Golden Knights
1984 Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles
1985 Sky Savages
1986 Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles
1987 Golden Knights
1988 Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles
1989 Essence of Speed
1990 Muffies Muff Thrusters
1991 Plain Brown Wrappers
1992 Son of Van Break
1993 The Muff Brothers
1994 X t Z
1995 We Fear No Beer
1996 Not awarded
1997 Tons of Fun (Sonic Force)
1998 Golden Knights
1999 Pink Panty Patrol
2000 Perris Xtreme 10
2001 Chicago STL-TFx
2002 Otter Chaos
2003 Cocktails at 10
2004 Elsinore Armageddon 10 (Photo by Tim Wagner)
2005 JumpZillas
2006 The Coolest Team Ever! (Photo by Tim Wagner)
2007 Arizona Airspeed Arizona Airspeed Another Picture
2008 Army Golden Knights (Photo by Omniskore)
2009 Ranch Delinquency (Photo by Christy West)
2010 Golden Knights
2011 *@#!?
2012 What's the Next Point
2013 Butterfly Kisses and Dandelion Wishes(Photo by Harry Parker)
2014 Texas Cowboys
2015 Rainbow Unicorns Do Exist
2016 Tenney McTenface
2017 Sharkettes of Perris
2018 Yo Scotty Carbone!
2019 The A Team (Photo by D Squared)
2020 (no Nationals, thanks COVID!)
2021 Smooth n' EZ (Photo from Charlie McGee)
2022 Bootieless (Photo from Skydive Chicago / USPA)

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